Garlic Butter Pan Fried Scallop

Ingredients :

Hokkaido Scallop - 300g

Butter - 3 tbsp

Garlic - 2 cloves

Salt - 1 pinch

Pepper - 1 pinch

Lemon - 1/8th of a lemon

Steps :

  1. Dry your scallops with a paper towel to reduce oil from splattering
  2. Grate the skin of the lemon to make some lemon zest, keep for later use
  3. Chop your garlic until they're diced
  4. Heat up the pan, then add in 2 tbsp of cooking oil and spread them out evenly.
  5. Set the scallops in and cook them over medium heat, flip the scallops once the sides turn golden brown then set them aside
  6. Clear the pan and add in 3 tbsp of butter, spread them out evenly across the pan
  7. Add the chopped garlic into the pan and stir well, mixing them evenly with the butter until they turn slightly golden brown
  8. Add in the pan fried scallops from earlier into the pan and stir fry it
  9. Add in the lemon zest from earlier, along with a pinch of salt and pepper (can be adjusted to fit personal liking)
  10. Ready to serve!