Thank U~mami Mini Buffet ($11.90 per Pax, Inclusive of $35 Delivery Charge)


Mini Buffet is inclusive of $35 delivery charge as it is outsourced for delivery service.
No self-pick up is available for this promo.


1 x Braised Pork Hock 卤香元蹄

1 x Crispy Tofu 脆皮豆腐

1 x Yam Paste 芋泥

1 x Nanyang Fragrant Chicken 南洋香鸡

1 x Perfect Five Pork Balls 五佳蒸肉丸

1 x Crispy Prawn Roll 香脆虾枣

1 x Heart Shaped Golden Yam Basket 爱心黄金芋圈

1 x Fragrant Diced Chicken with Vegetable 菜香鸡丁 (Topping for Yam Basket)

1 x Mantou 馒头